CNC Toolings
Precision Tools
Backed by rich expertise and sound infrastructural setup, our products are widely used in various industries. Tested by specialists and prepared under the supervision and guidance of experts, our product range encompasses:
U Drills
U Drills
We also manufacture U drills which are been used for short hole drilling on CNC Lathes, machining centers & Special Purpose Machines. The drills manufactured are made to suit any types of inserts of any make. The range available with us is from 16 to 60 mm with L/D ratio up to 4.
CNC Milling Cutters
CNC Milling Cutters
We also design and manufacture milling cutters which can be used on conventional lathes & CNC Machines - such as face mills, side & face cutters, End mill cutters etc. The size range available with us is from Dia 50 to 1000 mm.
We can also design and manufacture special crank shaft pin milling cutters as per customer’s requirement.
Precision Special Tooling
Precision Special Tooling
We also design and manufacture the special tooling which is required for very special applications - such as electrode dresser for weldings robots, Special Toolings for Sheet metal applications, Precision Fixture parts etc.
Special Tool Holders
Special Tool Holders
We manufacture standard and special tool holders which are to be used on conventional & CNC lathes. Our standard tool holders are manufactured as per ISO Specification such as PCLNR/L, PSKNR/L, SVJBR/L, SCLCR/L etc.
Standard Cartridges
Standard Cartridges
We also manufacture and supply standard and special cartridges which are been used for assembling on Boring Bar. These cartridges are been used on VMC, HMC, & SPMs. We also manufacture special cartridges which are been used on different types of crank shafts and Pin Milling Cutters.
Boring Bar
Boring Bar
We manufacture and design boring bars which are used on CNCs, Conventional Lathes & SPM. We also manufacture boring bars for use on VMC, HMC, SPM for different types of Boring applications. Manufactured with holding shank ISO, BT or HSK taper in AT-3 class.
CNC Adapters
CNC Adaptor
We manufacture ISO, BT, HSK- face mill adapter, side lock holder, mores taper adapter etc. We also design VDI - Tool holders for external & internal use on CNC Lathes.
Precision Machined Components
Precision Components
We can also manufacture and design the precision components in the sizes demanded by client which are generally used with milling cutters such as INSERT SEAT, WEDGE, SCREWS etc.
Manufacturers of : Special CNC Toolings & Machine Tool Accessories
Our Product Range includes :
◊ Side & Face Cutters with All Types of Standard Taper Adapters
◊ Special Boring Bar Integral with HSk / MAs BT / ISO SHANK
◊ CNC Adapters
◊ Milling Cutter
◊ Face Mill Cutters
◊ Crank Shaft Pin Milling Cutter - upto 1000mm dia
◊ Indexable type Special U - Drills
◊ All types of Standard & Special Tool Holders, Insert Type end Mills, Cartridges etc.
◊ All Types to Toolings to match customer requirements
Precision Toolings
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